Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Salon & Spa Employee Training - The Best Investment You Can Make!

As a salon & spa owner you have to work less behind the chair and in the treatment room. The future success of your business hinges on it! One way to get there is your ability to create, implement and follow an effective training program for your team. Their ability to grow more rapidly in there confidence, communication and technique equates to sales growth! Period!!!!

There are four important areas to focus on to make this happen:

  1. Technical Training: Be sure to have a set training day at least once a month where you block out 2-3 hours to train your team on technique. Some salons & spas I have worked with, in my career, get even more aggressive blocking out time once a week. Consistency is the answer here!
  2. Business Training: Working with your team to train them to be a better professional in the areas of consultations, retail sales, and customer service helps them build their self-esteem and growth. Again establishing a set and consistent time for this with support you in your success.
  3. Personal Development Training: To me the single most important way to develop an employee (and the most over looked) is to find out what personal goals they have and what they want to accomplish in their life. Finding ways to develop these desires through trainings, suggesting books to read, etc is an effective way of showing your employees you care and for building morale.
  4. New Hire/Assistant Training: Develop a rock solid, scheduled training program for any assistant that supports them in getting out on the floor or in the treatment room quicker will not only assist you a growing a team but will help in the reduction of employee turn over. Also be sure that you have a set new hire training plan for any new-be, whether they are experienced or inexperienced. Be sure to get your team involved in leading these trainings, which will only make them more confident and foster an environment of perpetual growth!
I recommend that you take some time in the next 2 weeks to look ahead to 2010 and plan out your training calendar. Make sure you rotate in the above four areas consistently to support your team to keep growing and prospering in the coming year. In the end, the more you train, the more they grow and the more time you have to focus on your future path!

Steve Gomez, Milady Business Coach

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