Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stimulating Growth Starts With Stimulating How You Think!

As a business coach and trainer in the salon & day spa industry I talk and work with a ton of salon and spa owners. We all know the last 2 years has been challenging economically for the whole country and it has had an impact everywhere. In our industry, spa related services have seen a decline, however the most common setback I see and hear is that customers are stretching out their appointments a bit longer.

That being said, in my professional opinion the biggest obstacle we, as an industry face, is the mentality that this type of economic situation can bring. During these times people are more apt to tighten up the purse strings and conserve the best way possible. I am sure that all of you reading this have done so in your personal lives, whether it is brown bagging lunch to work, to cutting back on lattes or not taking that big vacation, all of us have been in a conservation mentality nationwide. When this way of thinking is embedded in our mentality it transfers over to our businesses and this is where a potential problem exists!

It is in these times that a salon & spa owner or manager needs to think and act aggressively, creatively and strategically to build and "stimulate" growth in their business. A great example is the stimulus package our government passed last year, the premise was to "stimulate" growth!

On a small business level our ability as business owners and leaders to look to "stimulate" growth is vital to our success during periods like this. Remember that there will be recession periods and boom markets, the cycles will also continue to evolve around us! The question you have to ask yourself is are you keeping your eyes on this and adapting and attacking or just allowing what is happening around you to dictate how you respond!

As a leader in your business, get on the attack this year, get your team together and get them fired up to grow and serve your clients and your community! Be a resource for the people that live in your area and serve and support them! After all, that is who we are and what we provide!

Remember, you can create your own economic stimulus package right inside your own four walls and it starts with you noticing how you think and relate to the situation!

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