Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top Tips From Salon and Spa Owners

I’ve had the great fortune of meeting and working closely with hundreds of salon and spa owners over the years. When preparing for writing this blog on Top Tips from Salon owners I thought, “why not go directly to those I know well. Those that have not only weathered several ‘proverbial storms’ but have risen above walk outs, location moves, product changes, terminations, and more ups and downs than anyone cares to count. Myra, Mitch and Bella are not only successful but they serve from their heart. They are great friends and have willingly provided their pearls of wisdom. As their former coach I have been forever changed for knowing and working with them. Below you will find the lessons they find most valuable to their success. Enjoy.

Myra English from Myra J’s Salon in Defiance, Ohio shares:

1. Always run your business by the numbers and not your emotions. As a good coach told me once "Numbers don't lie, we do."

2. Always make sure your customer leaves with more than they expected.

3. Keep an open mind on new marketing ideas and consistently use them.

Bella Shahmoradian from Bellan Nella Bride, Salon and Day Spa in Glendale, CA shares:

1. I think hiring and training your team members is the most important task of any successful salon and spa! Your employees are your most valuable assets to your company. Treat them with love and care. Hire passionate people that match your salon and spa's culture. Give clear job descriptions and follow up with daily huddles and monthly plan and reviews. To keep your employees motivated and happy set future growth goals. Also, create a supportive atmosphere and make sure every employee feels like an active and important person in the growth of your salon and spa.

2. Create a "Wow Moment" each and every-time clients have contact with you. Follow a Needs Analysis System where you find your clients needs. Fulfill those needs and add value to their experience. A "wow moment" starts from your website, social media, phone reservation and the moment a client enters your facilities to the moment he/she checks out. The wow moment should continue with your thank you notes and follow up systems.

Mitch Eubanks from The Mitchell Wade Salon in Oviedo, FL shares:

1. Practice what you preach!

2. Delegate but stay involved. As a leader it is important to participate in daily duties (i.e. sweeping, towels, serving clients, serving team members, etc). Doing so keeps you approachable and in the loop of situations before the drama begins!

From the numbers to WOW moments your business is your responsibility. These former owners have taken it to heart and continue to reach new levels of awareness, success and fulfillment. Congratulations Myra, Mitch and Bella and thank you all for sharing!

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