Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make Your Summer Sales Sizzle!

Summer, Summer, Summer time!

A time for most to sit back and unwind as Will Smith sang a decade ago! For our industry it is time to heat things up!

This can be a down time of year for your sales or a great time of year for your sales! The choice is yours.

What is important to note is that now is the time to make plans so that your summer sales sizzle!

Here’s how:

Analyze: Look back on past sales trends for June – August. Go back at least the last 2-3 years depending upon the data you can collect. Review service sales trends, retail sales trends and client traffic trends. The numbers will give you a great place to plan from.

What’s Happening Now: What is happening in your business right now? What does your budget say that you need to work on during the summer? Consider whether you have new hires or people you are building as well as any new services or products you are offering?

Color It Up: Summer is always a great time to drive your color business and glossing business due to the lightening effects of the sun. Showcase this strategically in your marketing efforts.

It’s Time To Travel: Many people travel and vacation this time of year. You can and should be capitalizing on this! Offer gift certificate specials for pre and post maintenance and pampering to support their travels. You can also offer retail travel kits with travel size shampoo & conditioners include small hand sanitizers, handi-wipes, travel size aspirin and other accessories. Have fun with it!

Remember that this is a time of year when people think about taking time off. Don’t just okay vacation to everyone at the same time or you will be in for some lean months ahead. By taking the time now to get your team focused on the summer it can become a great sales period in your year and give you a great boost to build upon for the rest of the year!

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