Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Else Wants To Make Money Not Working Behind The Chair? Part II

In Part I of “Who Else Wants To Make Money Not Working Behind The Chair?” by Ana Loiselle you were introduced to the idea of how to work ON your business. Now, I’m going to take it a step further and give you the how to’s.

If you are a salon owner or a spa owner ask yourself this: How many days each week do you work in your business? Of those days how many of them are you working either behind the chair or in your treatment room with customers? As a business coach for salon and spa owners I see that typically most salon and spa owners work 4 to 5 days each week with customers and account for between 38-45% of their salon or spa’s total sales!

If you are in this scenario right now that means that your business owns you, you don’t own it!

As a salon or spa owner you have to be able to change this trend. You have to be able to dedicate at least two days each week to work on your business as a salon or spa owner instead of being a busy technician.

Here is how to get started:

Analyze your current sales. Come up with what you average each day. For example, if you average $150 a day working 5 days a week you would be bringing in $750 a week, you would need to grow your overall weekly sales by $150 which would bring your sales to $900 a week. However, once you consistently average this you can take one day less and invest it in your business which would then have you bringing in $750 in four days instead of 5 days. This means you have to track your sales and work on your consultation systems increasing add on sales and retail to make this happen. It takes discipline and if you follow through you can make this happen in 30-60 days. As a coach I support salon and spa owners I work with to do this in that time period.

Create your business day schedule. Make a list of all of your tasks that you have to do once a day, once a week and once a month. You can then put them into a set schedule on your business day to maximize your effectiveness.

Move around your business appointments to support your business day. Reschedule distributor visits, team meetings, education, interviewing, one-on-one’s etc to all happen on this day when you can focus your energies to them and you are fresh, relaxed and not rushed.

Be disciplined and follow your schedule. Most salon or spa owners I support through this transition struggle initially with following their set schedule, allowing their team to interrupt them or putting out emergencies or fires. You may even find that you have a natural pull to want to do this because you have been doing this for so long it is what you know. STOP!!! Honor your schedule. On your business day you have to be accessible to your business, not the reactions of others. This will take you retraining your team and yourself so people understand that you spending time as a salon or spa owner working on the business is crucial to the future path!

In closing, take a day or two, make it happen over the next 4-6 months and your business growth and personal growth will astound you! You will feel and be a powerful salon or spa owner!

Steve Gomez, Business Coach/Trainer


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