Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Leadership Edge - Knowing Yourself

How well do you know yourself?

A good sense of self is the foundation for the construction of life, and for being a stable Salon & Spa leader. Yet a strong sense of self is not about selfishness, or self-absorption. A sense of self recognizes not only one's strength, but one's weaknesses. The objective isn't to "be yourself." The challenge is to "be your best self." That requires recognizing and eliminating or improving your vices and weaknesses.

"Before I seek to change or motivate others I must first learn to change and motivate myself. I must first become the change I wish to see in others."

In our rushed and busy life we often neglect taking the time out to strengthen our personal leadership practice. How often do you take time out to focus on the development of yourself and take the time to reflect on the personal impact that you’re making on your employees and customers. AND, the consequences of not strengthening your personal leadership?
Whether you think you know yourself well or not, it’s very helpful to use various techniques and resources to self assess where you are at as a leader, what style you have and what skills or capabilities you need to put priority attention to for improvement.

There are hundreds of surveys available online, or in books, that you can take to help evaluate your Leadership Edge.

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Marly said...

This is great advice. I like to say that time invested in knowing yourself is time well spent. It definitely leads to a good ROI!