Monday, December 7, 2009

Easy Steps You Can Implement NOW! to Plan for Success in 2010

Here we are moving into the second week of December and the Holiday season is in full swing! Sooner than you know it the season will come and go and we'll be in 2010. Now is the time to plan to have a successful next year before it's upon us! Here are some easy steps to ensure your success!

  1. Unload Your Trunk: A new year always holds the promise of a fresh beginning. But before you can do this ask yourself, “What things do I need to be set free from in 2009?” Spend some time over the next month reflecting on your life & business. In the book, Transitions by William Bridges, he shares a simple yet profound concept, the idea of moving on or past “stuff” in life. He uses the analogy of a caterpillar who wants to become a butterfly. The caterpillar must go through certain stages or phases in order to have a successful transition. The four stages to support you in this process are:

    Take a blank piece of paper, your original written goals for 2009 and get into a quiet place. Review the goals you created for this year. What did you accomplish? What was the result and impact it had in your business? How did it feel to make that happen?

    Next, take a few minutes and write down the top three positive experiences you had in your business this past year. What did you learn about yourself from them?

    Continue with this theme by writing down your top 3 challenges this year. What did you learn about yourself? (This is a great opportunity to really let go of anything you may be left feeling about past failures or challenges. This will really help you get refreshed and ready to rock for 2010!)

    Finally, what did and who do you appreciate this past year! There are lots of things that happened that contributed to your successes and lots of people who have helped you. Taking a minute to write them down is not only humbling but healthy as it makes you aware of what you have and supports you to think more abundantly! This will make a difference in the next step.

  2. Embrace the New!: Now that you are complete with last year, focus on this new coming year ahead! What do you want o accomplish in the areas of sales, marketing, finance and operations? What do you want to accomplish personally as a leader? What are goals you have in your personal life? What are the goals you want to accomplish with each person on your team?

    After you have your goals written the next step is to think into the future and visualize them being accomplished! What will it feel like for you? What will be happening? What will the energy be like? What will you know about yourself? How will you have grown because of it?
Once this is all complete the final step is to begin to take all of your goals and begin to put them into action and into your schedule! Then it’s all about follow through!

Follow this blue print and you can have a successful and prosperous new 2010!!!

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