Thursday, December 10, 2009

Feelings or Facts - Your Numbers Don't Lie!

Today I was on a coaching call with a client and something really great happened! My client showed up to the call feeling a bit down and stressed about a myriad of things. As we dug into our work together we began to look at the last two months of sales and compared them to the same two months from last year.

As we began to dig into the numbers, many things came to the surface. The business saw a drop in client visits of 81 from last year and ONLY saw a drop in total revenue of $285!!! This was due to the business having a combined average ticket of $11.84 per client more than last year!!!  Wow!!!

We also looked at her staff. When we reviewed one of her stylists average retail ticket we saw awesome growth. In the months of August & September combined the stylist had only 1 of 9 weeks where her average retail ticket was above $10.00 compared to 7 of 9 weeks above $10.00 for the combined months of October & November! Wow again!!!

As we looked at this the shift my client had was amazed! She went from being down to being completely fired up and she couldn't wait to share this with her team and acknowldege them! Can you imagine the boost her team is going to feel when she shares not only the results but her excitement and pride in them! This is what leadership is all about! Praise! Praise! Praise! This will only reinfoce practice, practice, practice!

It just goes to show you something we coaches at Milady are always harping on: Manage your buisness based on the facts, not your feelings!!! You may FEEL a certain way because you are having a bad day, someone is not following through, busines is slow on that given day, etc. However when you look at what the numbers are saying you can always find something truthful and positive to go with!

Make it a practice the next time something is getting to you to stop, pull up your sales numbers; look at past versus current sales, look at individual people on the team and what they are doing! There is nothing more empowering than having the truth, even when it shows sales being down or percentages being over budget. When you have the truth, you can lessen the gray areas and the feelings, get clear and continue to focus and drive towards your goals! It is just smart business!

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