Monday, March 8, 2010

The Connection Between Training and Retaining Your Generation Y Employees

Many employees view adequate training as an essential element of a satisfying workplace. However, Gen Y sees continuing training as particularly important!

Born between 1981 and 1995, Gen Y has grown up with YouTube, podcasts, and online tutorials, and is used to jumping on the internet and having immediate access to on-demand learning whenever it is convenient for them. They have a sense of entitlement and indispensability. Gen Y’s are “stimulus junkies” and become easily bored due to the advent of technology and instant gratification. Gen Y also wants to understand the big corporate picture – strategy, goals, and values.

To retain this Generation, it requires new training and management strategies - AND, you better get used to it and learn how to deal with them because they are the future! The salon owner and manager that learns how to motivate the Gen Y employee and train them will earn their undying loyalty.

Here are three strategies for managing, training, motivating and retaining Generation Y:

1. Gen Y chooses a salon or spa based on a correlation between the business’ and personal values. Gen Y enjoys clear goals and direction and prefers a management style that respects their knowledge but at the same time guides their career development.

2. Gen Y is tech savvy and their love of technology allows them to adapt to technological advances of training design. Gen Y is responsible for the serge in online training. Discussion forums, instant messaging, blogging and emailing are expected in training.

3.If the course or workshop is to be taught face to face, then create a mixed mode of delivery by storing supplemental exercises, assignments or information on a web site. The design can include pre or post work such as an email writing assignment, online quiz or internet research project.

So what's the lesson for salon and spa owners and managers? For one, if you haven't already adapted a training and learning approach that fits the Gen Y model, get moving! Your best Gen Ys may already be "googling" their next career opportunity!!

If you are looking for ways to beef up your Generation Y training be sure to check out our On-Line Milady U courses.


Madison (MST) said...

That is a really good breakdown on Gen Y.

I was reading and nodding my head when you were saying it they require a different approach to training and motivation.


Ana Loiselle said...

Hi Madison,

Glad you liked my Gen Y dissection. I know for a lot of Salon owners and managers they are frustrated with this generation but if you learn to relate to them from where they are - it opens up amazing opportunities!